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The Life and Work of C.Maxwell Cade

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“Biofeedback is a new way of learning, a way of relearning, or realising for the first time, what the body already knows.” - Maxwell Cade

C Maxwell Cade (“Max”) was a highly qualified British scientist who as a child began training in eastern techniques such as meditation. After a career in radiation physics for the government, then in industry, he undertook pioneering research, with Dr Ann Woolley-Hart, a medical specialist, into consciousness and the meaning of brainwave patterns, bringing together the insights of Zen Buddhism and the methods of western science.

Working in partnership with Geoffrey Blundell, an electronics engineer, Max went on to develop biofeedback machines, such as the Mind Mirror, that enabled those who attended his courses to learn from their own physiological responses.

Max’s investigations into creativity, how mind influences health, how healers aid their clients, and his measurement of the brain rhythms of some remarkable Indian swamis, remain among the most enlightening work yet done into the mind/body relationship. This account describes his life and research in detail for the first time.